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The fund’s goal is to make evidence-based mental health treatment accessible to adolescents and young adults ages 11 to 35, regardless of socioeconomic status…. Read More

Money raised will go to a fund launched in his son Nic’s name, with the help of the nonprofit Release Recovery Foundation. The concert will be held Thursday night, just days after the Drug Enforcement Administration announced it seized a record-breaking amount of fentanyl last year… Read More

The Release Foundation, which provides scholarships for substance use disorder and mental health treatment to those who need it but can’t afford it, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Under Armour for the 2023 New York City Marathon… Read More

In CBS’ award-winning Note to Self series, former “Bachelorette” contestant Zac Clark writes a letter to his younger self, reflecting on his nearly fatal battle with drug addiction and his inspiring road to recovery that’s helped save the lives of countless others… Read More

Running and Narcan is an unlikely combination, but Zac Clark makes it work. Clark is the founder of The Release Foundation, which hosts Monday night runs in Central Park where the focus is recovery… Read More

From rock bottom of getting high behind his closed office door to nearly 12 years sober. Making recovery accessible for those who need it most. Running a non-profit foundation, and running marathons in his spare time… Read More

Zac also touches on the incredible work Release Recovery and the Release Recovery Foundation are doing to offer support to those struggling and break the stigma around addiction and mental health… Read More

Zac shared that over 600 people attended the event and his foundation raised over $500,000 to support scholarships for individuals who cannot afford substance abuse/mental health treatment… Read More

He’s also the founding board member of Release Recovery Foundation. The organization is a nonprofit whose mission is to remove barriers to treatment for underserved communities… Read More

So far, the foundation has raised more than $1 million, helped over 35 individuals receive treatment and created scholarships for the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, and women… Read More

“We get the privilege of knowing Zac today. The Zac who spent 4.5 months in rehab, and found recovery from addiction. Who not only joined the board of the rehab facility he attended, but who founded Release Recovery and the Release Recovery Foundation to help people through their own recovery journeys.” Read More

I’m running the Brooklyn half largely because I’ve been working with Release Recovery Foundation and have found so much resonance with their cause and the incredible people who work there… Read More

Clark is also the founding board member of the Release Recovery Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to remove financial barriers to treatment for underserved communities… Read More

“All the money we raise tonight is gonna go towards that underserved population, and hopefully, we’ll save one life and that life will go on to save many others,” said Zac Clark, with Release Recovery Foundation… Read More

Through this Foundation, Clark helped organize last month’s six-day tour through six different community locations that were close to college campuses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. The goal of the tour was to raise awareness about various mental health and addiction issues among college students and the mental health resources that are available… Read More

Clark says the main goal is to instill hope in the community. “Teach them that they are going to need to lean on one another. Then if they are feeling a certain kind of way, please ask for help. Please, please, please, because there are people out there like our foundation that want to help but the problem is sometimes we just don’t know exactly when that is,” Clark explained… Read More

“It was around 2019, and we had just taken another phone call about a family that couldn’t afford our services,” he says. “We were really at this crossroads of not being able to get their loved one help. And I said, ‘we need to do something about this.'” Read More

In the past 10 years, Clark has helped countless others recover through his addiction services organization, Release Recovery, and his non-profit, Release Recovery Foundation. In this personal essay for “GMA,” Clark reflects on the life-changing moment he welcomed sobriety into his life… Read More

You may recognize Zac Clark from ABC’s The Bachelorette, but he’s also a co-founder of the Release Recovery Foundation. It’s a group dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health struggles, including addiction, and getting more resources out there… Read More