Our Scholarships

The Release Foundation is fiercely dedicated to helping as many people as possible experience healing.

Our scholarships provide financial assistance to all kinds of treatment services with our trusted partners.

How Funding Works

Who is eligible for funding?

Anyone who needs treatment, is willing to get it, and is unable to afford it is welcome to apply for scholarship funding. All those willing and in need—whether that’s you, a loved one, or a patient—will be considered.

How do I apply for scholarship funding?

The first step in our application process is to complete and submit our scholarship funding questionnaire. Our recovery experts review every submission and schedule interviews with potential candidates. This interview allows our team to understand the type of support that is needed, the level of financial assistance required and the willingness of the individual to comply with all clinical recommendations should assistance be granted.


Once funding has been approved, we will connect the individual to the appropriate care provider(s) and make all of the financial arrangements.

What treatment services does the funding cover?

The Release Foundation works tirelessly to screen providers and build and maintain relationships within this extremely special community. We have developed a list of trusted partners to ensure that our funding only goes to the most ethical professionals.

The services and resources our scholarship funding covers include:

  • Inpatient treatment centers.
  • Interventionists.
  • Outpatient treatment centers.
  • Individual therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Recovery coaches.
Does everyone who applies receive funding?

While the Release Foundation can’t assist every single applicant, our whole team is here to help in any way we can. If we are unable to fund an applicant, we will strive to point them in the right direction and connect them to other resources.

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The gift of recovery should be made possible for everyone. We offer scholarships to bridge the gap between what people can afford and what they need to transform their lives, regardless of race, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

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