Fitness and Sobriety Changed My Life

Fitness and Sobriety Changed My Life

Hey, I’m Noel. A grateful alumni of Release Recovery. When I entered their care in December of 2019, I was far from the picture of health. With the guidance of Senior Support Staff member, Steve Fraum, a passion for health and fitness was ignited.

Since a kid, I’ve always been interested in sports and being active; however, I was what most would characterize as overweight. I was teased about my weight and as a result, never had the courage to try out for any of the sports teams. I tried losing weight many times, but as soon as I shed a few pounds and reached my goal, it always came right back.

When I turned 16 years old, I had the privilege of working with a nutritionist. They taught me how to eat clean foods that would provide fuel for my body, and not pack on the pounds. Around this same time, I found a great mentor who trained and motivated me at the gym. Within six months, I was down 70 pounds! I couldn’t believe it. Things were finally starting to go my way. When I finally got clean from substances and went to Release, I was given a clean slate. A blank canvas. The opportunity to reinvent myself now seemed feasible! I had lost all of the weight, now it was time to build muscle.

I went to the gym every day and studied foods and supplements that would get me where I wanted to be. Within a matter of weeks, I noticed the gains I’d made. I had developed great deltoids and finally got the abs I’ve always dreamed of having. Life was good at last! I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to change my life. The kid who hated anything and everything about myself, was someone who couldn’t stand to look themselves in the mirror, transformed into someone who can’t stop posing shirtless on social media! Release gave me a chance and a space to grow and become proud of who I am.

Fitness plays a huge role in my recovery. It helps me to maintain confidence and keep a level head. I wouldn’t have been able to discover what I was passionate about without the help of Release and all the brothers I’ve met along the way. Although I’m no longer a client, I consider Release my second home where everyone inside are family. Once you join the Release family, you’re in it for life.



  • December 25, 2020

    Inspiring! Keep on lookin’ and feeling’ this good!!

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