sober companion

Sober Companion

Sober Companion Services for Sustainable Recovery Support

Our sober companion service is our highest level of non-clinical treatment.

Sober companions provide 24/7 support for clients during specific situations, such as business travel, life transitions, relapses, and more. Designed for short-term use, sober companions are not “holding companions.” This service is meant to help clients stay accountable and make progress during a certain period of time and then move into a less intensive modality, such as sober coaching.

Full needs assessment.

Initial in-person or virtual meeting where we gather information about your current situation, obstacles you’re facing, needs, and goals.

Sober companion matched to your needs.

Sober companions are assigned very carefully. We’ll match the right sober companion to guide you through your unique situation safely. Depending on your circumstances, we may match you with more than one companion to provide round-the-clock support.

Guided path to freedom and independence.

Sober companions provide a path forward to freedom. After your period of intensive support, you’ll begin to see your sober companion just a couple of times per week. The goal is to move you into a longer-term path to recovery.

More intensive care recommendations if needed.

We don’t subscribe to the idea that clients should have a sober companion for years. If a sober companion has been with a client for many, many months, we will most likely recommend a higher level of care, like residential treatment and beyond.

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