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Sober Coaching

Sober Coaching for Sustainable Recovery in Westchester and New York City

When people call us for sober coaching, they’re at all different points in their lives.

Some are just starting out on their recovery path and contemplating whether sobriety is even right for them. Some have been sober for years and have a new goal they want to achieve. Some have relapsed and are looking for help. Regardless, we are here to help you navigate the landscape of recovery.


Our goal with sober coaching is to help you make concrete progress, achieve positive outcomes, and build a life that is fully autonomous so that eventually, you don’t need a coach at all.

Full needs assessment

In an initial in-person, virtual, or phone meeting, our team gathers as much information as we can about your unique life, needs, and stage of change.

Sober coach matched to your needs.

You will be assigned a handpicked sober coach who will act as a safe container for you to be honest and vulnerable. For younger clients, our sober coaches assist with resume building, balancing sobriety with dating and work, and making new friends. For older clients, sober coaches provide support on troubles at work, marriage, home life, getting to meetings amidst busy schedules, and navigating the feeling to always be “on.”

Community support.

Clients have more success when they are immersed in a loving community. We highly encourage our sober coaching clients to connect with our community by attending meetings and social outings when they can.

Schedule set up for independent success.

The goal of sober coaching is to help you live a healthy, autonomous life, not to coach you 7 days/week forever. That’s why our coaching plans are designed to be heavy on the front end with one-on-one coaching and check-ins throughout the week, then titrated down as we see positive outcomes. There’s always an option to purchase additional hours, and we’ll work with your coach and case manager to determine the level of care that’s best for you.

Talk to our team about our sober coaching services. Complete the form below, send us an email at, or give us a call at +1 (914) 588-6564.

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