Intervention & Consultation

Intervention/Consultation Services in New York for Sustainable Recovery

Through our years of experience, we’ve fielded thousands of calls from families who are in crisis and desperate for their loved ones to get help.

Whether your loved one needs an immediate intervention or a longer-term consultation, our team proceeds with the highest level of care and a strategic path forward. With our team-based, humane approach, we see a change for the better in our clients 100% of the time.

60-90-minute needs assessment in person at our New York City or Westchester office.

In this meeting, we identify key participants in the intervention/consultation; obtain a full background and case history; identify leverage points we might have in moving forward; and provide families with resources for support during this difficult time.

Communication with key stakeholders identified in the needs assessment.

We reach out to stakeholders to let them know they’re being asked to participate; determine whether they’re willing to participate; and gather information.

Team approach.

We staff our interventions/consultations with a full team, something that makes us really stand out–and enable better outcomes–in the recovery space. Our intervention/consultation teams—a case lead, someone to sit second seat, and full transport team—are handpicked based on your loved one’s interests, wants, and needs. A 20-year-old college student requires a much different experience than a 52-year-old CEO at a bank. That’s why everything from the clothes we wear, to how we speak, to how we prep families is adapted to have a successful meeting.

Individualized recovery strategy.

Intervention/consultation methods aren’t one-size-fits-all. We do not subscribe to any one modality. Instead, we gather as much information as we can and get to know your family extensively. Then, we strategize, think outside the box, and present you with a realistic path forward that has the best chance of success for your loved one.

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