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Charles B. - I came to Release Recovery broken and beaten by life. All I knew when arriving at Release NYC was that I could not keep doing what I was doing. I was scared of committing to three months at a sober living house. But after going on a camping trip during my first week I knew that I had found a special place to live with a great sense of community. I stayed at Release for seven months and moved to an apartment just a few streets away with another Release client. I not only began to learn how to live again, but crucially developed the motivation and inspiration to even want to. Without exaggeration, I can say that everything I have been able to accomplish has been because of the foundation that I was able to build with the help of Release. From professional prospects, relationships, time-management, and finding a spiritual solution to my addiction, the road of my recovery gratefully feels like it is a lifelong pursuit. Now life is big and the future is bright.


Ben S. - Release is a life changing opportunity. I initially came in needing help and fearful of the world. What I didn’t expect was to find life changing friends, true growth experiences, and confidence to live my life today. My time at Release was filled with laughs and tears, personal growth, and fun experiences that make me smile today still. When I first came to the Westchester house, it immediately felt like a home. The incredible staff were there to help every step of the way, and have fun with us. Today, I still return to Release with friends to revisit great times and help out the newcomers. This place holds a very deep and special place in my heart for allowing me to grow into the person I am today.

Chief Clinical Officer, Caron Treatment Centers

David Rotenberg - I am proud to call the staff and leadership of Release Recovery partners and friends. For many years, the Release/Caron connection has been a model for how to care for patients and families, how to lead with heart, and how to promote generosity of spirit. The amount of people that our treatment combination helps will only grow exponentially, as our relationship deepens. If my own children and loved ones needed a place to find recovery and to build a life in sobriety, Release would be my first call.

Silver Hill Hospital Manager, Family Program | Co-Occurring Disorders Transitional Living Program

Susan DeRosa, LPC, MST-CAN, MST-BSF - I have worked with Release Recovery for several years, and enthusiastically recommend this treatment facility. The leadership team is client-focused, with an unrelenting determination to meet the needs of each individual. The staff are well trained, compassionate and illustrate competency in the art and science of client care. This program is clinically focused, structured, and provides a high level of support to allow an individual the development of autonomy and accountability. I can attest to the treatment at Release and have seen the positive trajectory of their clients' lives over the years. Many graduates remain in contact with me and verbalize their gratitude for the experience.

Parent of Alumni

Anonymous - My 25-year-old daughter was in and out of so many facilities–hospitals, detox centers, and rehabs–that I was losing hope for her recovery. Until Release. They truly are remarkable in assessing the needs of each client and formulating a plan for long term success. And they execute each plan with patience in a truly caring atmosphere. My daughter has been sober for over one year now and is very involved with AA, thriving in a new job and has many new sober friends. I attribute much of her success to Release and their staff. Caryn, my daughter’s case manager, has been her and my family’s guiding light. We are so thankful!

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