Spiraling downward – under its spell
I’ve come to a crossroad – I finally fell

The loss, the pain, the torment, the hurt
Why can’t I see – this will lead me to dirt

Its taken me over before I could blink
Made me forget – how to dream – how to think

The anguish, the doubt, the fear, and the pain
Am I living this life – has it all been in vain?

Thoughts are held in, words are not said
The things that I wonder – include being dead

The one in the mirror is no one I know
No Spirit, no energy, no internal glow

Confused and condemned to my personal hell
Not feeling my feelings, I am merely a shell

I lost who I am – I can’t get it back
The courage, the struggle – to find the right track

Moment to moment finding the light
The feelings of hope – I no longer fight

The true me is present – I’m all I can be
My soul has been saved – I am finally free